To choose an Interim solution

Aug 28, 2017

Jonas Arvidsson, CEO of Lantmännen Maskin AB, explains why he chose an interim leader instead of a permanent recruitment.

– There is a change in the way we are working and thinking about our careers. The best project leaders or experts do not feel challenged in a line organization. Nowadays they choose to work project-based as Interim Managers. I was not aware of this until one year ago when we needed to fill a vacant key position. We would never have been able to attract our Interim Manager to a permanent position, he would have said “So, what happens next?” and realized that we would not be able to offer him as interesting challenges going forward. Without him, we would not have achieved such good results and come as far as we have. Using several resources from different networks and constellations will, in my opinion, be, or is already, the new way of building organizations.