An Interim CFO with the ambition to make a difference

Sep 10, 2017

Johan Peterson, working together with Impact Executives as an interim CFO, recently completed a 1300 kilometres bicycle race together with Team Rynkeby on behalf of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. We asked Johan to share his thoughts on the experience and its similarities with working as an interim.

– I work as an interim CFO, often in small to midsized companies in need of transformation. This requires an ability to prioritise, analyse and quickly adapt to new environments, and of course deliver according to set business targets. Cycling has been an interest of mine for a long time, and as I was looking for new challenges with meaningful goals, I joined Team Rynkeby. This turned out to be a fantastic combination. I could develop my cycling skills and at the same time do something valuable and substantial – raise money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. This experience was also an eye-opener for me. Team Rynkeby is an ideal example of how to build a team and deliver on set targets as its members are a wonderful mix of different ages, genders, professions and abilities. To secure continuity, members from previous years are always participating in the race. Everyone finds their roles quickly and contributes with their strengths to maximize the result of the group, i.e. to raise money for the foundation and to manage the physical and psychological challenge of biking 1300 kilometres in seven days – and this only nine months after having met for the first time. Team Rynkeby has a very good organisation which helps, but after all, it’s you and the group who are bringing the results!