Åsa Lögdberg about Impact Management

Jan 31, 2018

Åsa Lögdberg has over 10 years of experience from Executive Search within several industries, with focus on the IT / Telco sector and PE owned companies. She has also extensive experience in customer consulting within strategic HR and Talent Management issues. For the last 4 years she has worked with Interim Management at Impact Executives. We asked Åsa to give us her thoughts on the value of engaging an interim change leader.

What would you say distinguishes Impact Management from Interim Management?

– They are two different services used for different needs. Interim Management is a solution when you have a skills gap for a limited period, which needs to be filled and where personal qualities and leadership play a less important role. This is suitable for example specialist roles. Impact Management is about the need for a quick change or need for someone to come in and act in a critical situation. In these cases, the right skills are important, but the person’s experience of change and leadership in similar situations is crucial for the success of the assignment. The focus of our consultants is primarily to create and implement enforcement and results, not just advice. An Impact Interim Manager works operational in the organization for a limited time in order to get a specific task done.

What value does an IMPACT Manager add to your clients?

– Stability and confidence, changes are made and the customer sees direct results. Clients also experience the value of having an outward perspective on the company’s internal problems. As well as being able to give support in implementing solutions, our consultants have solid experience of driving the same kind of changes previously in other situations. Many customers simply need an experienced leader who takes the company through a turbulent time. We have a long experience of identifying the right skills and personality and matching them with customer needs and culture. We dare to be an advising partner and we look beyond industry, age and other generic criteria.

In what situations do customers contact you for these services?

– Our clients contact us in situations when they have problems and quickly need to create change or stability, such as rapid change in the management team, changing market conditions, new ownership or when a company is to be acquired. We also see an increasing request from clients who wants to support a function or business area in advance, in order to undertake a change or other obstacles.

What kind of needs or requests to you usually get?

– The most common requests are interim CEO or business area manager, interim CFO, interim HR manager and interim COO. Sometimes the customer needs an experienced leader for a period of time, where functional experience is less important.